‘Shameless’ Cast Celebrates Wrapping Up Season 10 Filming

Paul SarkisShowtime

Several members of the Shameless cast, including Noel Fisher, Cameron Monaghan, and Kate Miner, took to Instagram a few hours ago to share video clips of themselves celebrating officially wrapping up the production of Season 10.

It was on Noel’s Instagram stories that several members of the cast sat down at RPM Steak in Chicago to enjoy a celebratory meal together.

The first video clip featured the group chatting before saying cheers and bringing their wine glasses together as they shouted, “To Season 10.”

The video slowly panned around the circular table to give a quick glance at who all was sitting at the table.

Noel’s Instagram stories also featured several clips and snapshots showing off the massive amount of food on the table.

Later, the group watched as the waiter arrived at the table with a large white dessert. The server then proceeded to set the dessert on fire before he drizzled chocolate syrup on top of it.

At this point in time, Noel had passed the device recording the video off to someone else as a female voice could be heard asking if they were filming the flaming dessert. Another female voice responded that she was recording.

The final segment of Noel’s Instagram stories contained a snapshot featuring himself, Kate, and Cameron with huge smiles on their faces.

Roughly 22 hours ago, Noel also took to his Instagram stories to share a video clip of himself standing with Cameron. Fisher announced that he was “wrapped” for Season 10 before panning over to Cameron who revealed he still had a little filming to do. The duo then discussed the fact that it was cold outside.

Noel jested that he would not be cold for too much longer as he was done filming. Cameron responded by saying, “f*ck you.” Like Noel, Cameron also shared the same video clip on his own Instagram stories.

As The Inquisitr reported a week ago, Shanola Hampton had taken to Instagram to confirm the cast had wrapped up the L.A. filming for Season 10. Like every other season, however, the cast had to travel to Chicago to film the scenes that actually take place in Chicago. This includes scenes outside of the Gallagher home.

Shameless fans are gearing up to celebrate too as the Season 10 premiere is tomorrow night. As those with a Showtime subscription know, however, the network will drop new episodes into the streaming library just after midnight on the day they are scheduled to air.