Kate Beckinsale Dusts Floor On Hands & Knees With Her Cat Wearing Yoga Pants & High Heels

Kate Beckinsale has an interesting way to clean the floors -- and it involves her cat. On Saturday, the actress took to Instagram to showcase how her feline friend is a part of her housework routine in a cute video.

In the clip, Kate was in a room with a stone fireplace and a wooden floor. She was on her hands and knees on the floor with her white, fluffy cat in front of her. With one hand, Kate proceeded to "wipe" the floor with the cat by sliding the animal across the floor in a back and forth motion. She repeated the action several times while the cat laid still and didn't seem to mind being dragged across the floor.

Kate wore a white workout bra and yoga pants with star prints on them. She paired the outfit with a pair of high-heel boots. While Kate was showcasing her unique way to dust the floor, she also flaunted her fabulous figure. As she dragged the cat across the floor, she moved back and forth in front of the camera, arching her back while flaunting her chest and derrière.

Kate looked to be wearing a light application of makeup in the video, and she wore her hair up in a ponytail. She also wore a dark color on her nails.

In the caption, Kate said that when she was finished with the dusting, she would buff the kettle with her Pomeranian.

Her followers got a kick out of the video, and many couldn't help but comment on how calm the cat appeared to be.

"Seriously though if I did this to my cat he could gouge my eyes right out," One fan wrote.

Kate replied that dusting was her cat's favorite game, whether it be on the floor or kitchen table.

"Cat looks like it's having the best time," one follower said.

"I would probably let you do that to me too," one admirer quipped.

Other fans commented on how fabulous Kate looked in the clip.

"I'm sorry but it's really hard to focus on the cat right now," joked one fan.

This isn't the first time Kate's pet has made an appearance in one of her videos. Earlier week, she used the cat as a weapon in a fun video. Not too long ago, she also shared a video of her snuggling with the feline while she appeared to wearing nothing but a towel while laying in bed.