Kristen Bell Shares A Couple Of Imaginative Pranks Pulled Off By Her Little Girls

Kristen Bell isn't proud of her kids' pranks, but she does admit they are inventive.

The veteran actress shared a few instances of the pranks on The Ellen Show which, in turn, the talk show shared on Instagram. The November 8 upload turned up on the social media network with comedic actor Ken Jeong sitting in for Ellen DeGeneres as guest host. When Ken pointed out that she and Dax Shepard, her husband, have "a fun house" with two little girls as part of the family, Kristen declared that the kids really keep her on alert.

The 39-year-old mom continued, stating that her "pranksters" can be exhausting yet at the same time, she is still glad they have been "developing a sense of comedy" when thinking up and carrying out their latest concept.

No doubt, 4-year-old Delta and 6-year-old Lincoln have already mastered the art of punking their parents. In fact, their practical jokes can be quite elaborate. Kristen recalled one recent incident that began when she was making dinner. As she worked, her two babies seemed to be enjoying each other, which The Good Place star felt was "suspicious."

Not much later, they told their mom, "We want to cuddle in your room before we go to sleep."

Although she agreed, Kristen reiterated that she was, once again, "suspicious." Still, she proceeded to do her duty with her girls. She pulled back the sheets on the bed and was greeted with a big mess.

"They had dumped easily a gallon of water onto my mattress. It was saturated. And then, tucked into the sheets they also put pumpkins, because this was like last week, and a bunch of their dirty underwear."
This prank had been preceded by another, less messy situation that was of the same realm. Kristen said that Delta and Lincoln used up an entire roll of Scotch tape to attach bubble gum to her chair. She added that the gum had not been chewed, for which she humorously admitted, "I don't get it, but OK."Retelling how her daughters' practical jokes came to pass garnered a lot of laughs from The Ellen Show audience, and a lot of fun comments from the program's Instagram fans and followers. The comments included one from the show itself, claiming that Ellen was going to hire Kristen and Dax's daughters to work for her. In addition, a slew of admirers voiced their opinions.

"I hope she had a waterproof mattress pad!" stated one concerned Instagram user.

"If only they were my kids," said another follower, who added a crying-laughing emoji and a devil emoji.

"I would be so pissed if my kids did that... that's not a good or funny prank that's just ruining your home," remarked a third person.

"Man, one of the reasons I don't want kids," said a fourth follower.