WWE News: Eric Bischoff Reveals Why His Latest Job With Vince McMahon Didn’t Work Out


Eric Bischoff has always been seen as the enemy of WWE, but earlier this year, times had certainly changed. Back in June, it was revealed that Bischoff had been hired to essentially lead Friday Night SmackDown as the brand’s new executive director. Just a few months later, Bischoff was fired from his new job. Afterward, numerous rumors started floating around the Internet, but he’s ready to set the record straight on what really happened.

The new positions given to Heyman and Bischoff were kind of out of nowhere, but one of them made sense. Heyman has been with the company for a long time, but Bischoff had been gone from WWE for years, so his hiring left a lot of fans scratching their heads. The Inquisitr explained how the jobs came about, but it was still rather odd.

As Bischoff’s time with the company continued, there were numerous rumors flying around about how it just wasn’t going well. Eventually, the job was taken away from him and he was let go, which led to everyone assuming how bad things went between Bischoff and WWE.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Bischoff was at Starrcast IV in Maryland this weekend and revealed exactly what happened between him and WWE. While it wasn’t good, it certainly wasn’t as bad as social media and the Internet made it out to be.

Eric Bischoff appears on a radio show
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Eric Bischoff revealed that he spoke with the executives at FOX after SmackDown moved to Friday nights, but that wasn’t his actual job. He said that WWE didn’t bring him in to specifically manage the process of bringing the blue brand to its new network.

He had good things to say about WWE and the people there, but he simply worked in a different way than the company needed.

“To be honest about it I think that my personality and the way I approach things creatively and the way I approach business didn’t fit their formula and I think that’s going to be one thing that I’ll be a little more careful about moving forward, to make sure the opportunity and personalities kind of match a little bit better than they did.”

Eric Bischoff placed no blame on WWE for things not working out, but says it simply didn’t. He thought it was “going to be a great opportunity, and it just wasn’t” when all is said and done. Bischoff is not going to “shoot” on WWE as he feels like they are a great company. He is grateful for the opportunity presented to him, but it just wasn’t a good fit.