'Chrisley Knows Best' Star Nanny Faye Visits Clothing Optional Resort For Seniors With Susie

Trisha Faulkner

Things got a little wild for Nanny Faye on a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best as she ventured to a clothing optional resort for seniors with her friend Susie.

Fortunately for those who missed the episode when it aired on USA, the reality TV series' official Instagram shared a post containing two video clips of the adventure. The two clips featured Nanny Faye reacting as the arrived at a place called Pandora's Forest.

The video clip kicked off with Nanny Faye gushing about how much she loves her friend Susie's van.

Nanny Faye then thanks Susie for inviting her to come with her on the trip. Susie responds she's just happy that Nanny Faye agreed to come.

"This place looks so peaceful," Nanny Faye said as she looked around at the resort.

She noted how excited she was to be away from police sirens, lights, and other noisy distractions.

Shortly after acknowledging she could barely hear any birds making noises, a naked man wandered from around an R.V. that caught Nanny Faye's attention.

"Oh, Lord, have mercy!" Nanny Faye howled in shock as she quickly looked the other direction.

"He's naked, he ain't got a stitch of clothes on."

"So, you can let it all hang out." Susie continued.

Appearing to enjoy the view a bit, Nanny Faye noted that she was "ashamed to even look up" because she worried God would pass judgment on her.

When Susie declared they should get out and hit the pool, Nanny Faye was ready to go. She told Susie she wanted to get her sunglasses before they went. She didn't want the sunglasses to protect her eyes, however. She told Susie she wanted them to mask what she was actually looking at.

In less than 24 hours, the video clips were liked over 12,000 times with over 300 followers dropping in to leave a comment.

Many noted this was the funniest Chrisley Knows Best episode they'd seen in a while.

"Nanny Faye you are tooooo much," one follower penned.

A second chimed in, "This episode had me laughing so much I freaking love y'all."

"I can't with Nanny. She's hilarious. I laughed so much my tears were coming down. God bless her," a third added.