Kaley Cuoco Says She And Husband Karl Cook ‘Love’ Living In Separate Homes, Doesn’t Get Why It’s An ‘Issue’

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook aren’t living together, but Kaley doesn’t understand why this is such a big deal to some people. As reported by Us Weekly, the former star of The Big Bang Theory explained their current living situation during her Friday appearance on The View. She also talked about how it’s eventually going to change.

Last month, Kaley made headlines by revealing that she and her husband of over one year don’t live in the same house. Kaley discussed her living situation on The View, where she recalled how some people reacted to her revelation.

“I made headlines saying that we don’t live together yet, and people went crazy. They couldn’t believe it,” she said.

The 33-year-old actress explained that the main reason she and Karl Cook, 28, didn’t move in together after they got married was their careers. Karl is a professional equestrian who has horses to care for, and Kaley was living and working hours away from his home when the couple tied the knot. The California residents do eventually plan on moving in together and are in the process of building a new house. While they wait for its construction to be completed, they’re perfectly comfortable living apart. In fact, Kaley says that they “love” living separately.

“We just haven’t been under the same roof,” she said. “But, by the way, it’s been working great and we love it. We love it, so I don’t know why people have such an issue.”

Now, however, Kaley and Karl are living further apart than they’re used to. They aren’t even residing on the same coast. Kaley had to temporarily move to New York to work on her new series, The Flight Attendant. While the actress previously said that it was going to be hard for her to leave all of her beloved rescue pets behind, she told The View hosts that she’s found a lot to love in NYC.

“I’m shooting here and I love it,” Kaley said of her temporary home. “I just love the area and my apartment building is right in between a dog park and a rabbit rescue. So, it’s built for me.”

Kaley said that she gets her animal fix by making new furry friends at the pet store. She said she also goes to the dog park to watch other people’s pet canines run and play “like a creeper.” Her only issue with living in New York is that she never gets recognized, even when she’s trying to.

Before Kaley left for New York City, she and Karl amused themselves by poking fun at recent rumors that they’re getting a divorce. Kaley joked that the tabloids “might be onto something” after she mentioned the divorce talk to Karl and he responded by sniffing his armpits.