Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Trains Her Ripped Back Muscles In New Instagram Video

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Michelle Lewin is pumping iron in the most recent upload to her Instagram page, all while wearing a tiny pair of gray shorts and a sports bra. In the clip, the Venezuelan fitness model is training her shoulders and back as she works out at a lat pulldown machine. Each rep engages the muscles in that area of her body, showing off how sculpted they are.

After a couple of strenuous pulls, Michelle changes her grip from wide to tight and then continues for ten reps. She then stands up from the machine, flexes the muscles she trained and smiles at the camera.

The video has racked up about 145,000 views and more than 160 comments.

“Pull… pull… PULL!!! Pulling exercises are for the back, while pushing is for chest and triceps,” Michelle wrote in the caption. “This exercise is called ‘lat pull’ and is targeting especially the lats (the sides of the back).”

The person recording the clip — likely her husband Jimmy Lewin — can be heard cheering her on during the workout.

“Smile babe, you’re on camera,” he says at one point.

She replies with the Spanish word for stupid and grins.

In the comments, more than one fan commented on his enthusiasm during the video.

“Couple goals love it, keepin it real, looking for each other, like it has to be,” one person wrote.

But most of the comments were about Michelle’s enviably muscled form.

“Your back is looking so shredded,” another Instagram user added.

Even though the workout focused on the upper body, one fan still took the opportunity to compliment Michelle’s derrière.

“The booty is [fire emoji]” they wrote.

Michelle has previously shared workout demonstrations that target the glutes. In a clip uploaded in mid-October, she demonstrated her technique for doing weighted squats with a barbell which involves using an underhanded grip. She also showed off her bombshell physique by wearing a mustard yellow sports bra and leggings combo from her athleisure wear brand in the video. That post currently has over 125,000 views and 1,100-plus comments.

Michelle doesn’t just lift, however. In a video she uploaded on October 29, she mixed in a little bit of cardio into her routine. In that clip, she’s wearing tiny red shorts with white trim and a yellow spaghetti strap crop top as she does some jumping jacks, boxing moves, and squats all while standing in front of a mirror in her home.

That post is currently sitting on close to 710,000 views and 530-plus comments.