Todd & Chase Chrisley Are Shocked As They Retrieve Nanny Faye From A Clothing-Optional Community

Trisha Faulkner

Chrisley Knows Best fans are losing it as they watch Chase and Todd Chrisley react after arriving at a place called Pandora's Forest to pick up Nanny Faye.

The reality TV series' official Instagram page shared a three-part video clip just yesterday and fans are overwhelmed by how hilarious it is.

The caption of the video notes that Todd Chrisley had previously warned fans this season would feature "wieners and udders." Turns out, he wasn't lying.

As Chase and his father pull into Pandora's Forest, they aren't really sure what to expect. Initially, they question if they are pulling into some sort of campground.

Chase is the first to notice individuals walking around with no clothing on. He quickly encourages his father to look forward.

"Daddy, look in front of you," Chase insists, in between shocked gasps of horror.

Todd echoes his son's feelings with his own gasps of horror. He covers his mouth and his eyes widen as he can't believe what he's seeing. At a loss for words, Todd lets out several painful groans while batting at the air with his hand.

While Chase was also shocked and confused, his expressions indicated he was also a little amused at his father's reaction.

"Oh, my God, they have no clothes on!" Todd finally shrieked out in horror.

After locating the van of Nanny Faye's friend, Chase parks and informs his dad he's afraid to get out of the vehicle. Smiling through the confusion and awkwardness, Chase notes that a man near them is "letting it all hang out." At this point in time, Todd starts gagging.

"Do you see your Nanny?" Todd asks Chase after they exit the vehicle.

Chase quickly responds.

"I hope not. God, I hope not."

As Todd encourages his son to move forward, Chase notes that he's "afraid" to proceed with looking for Nanny Faye given that they are completely surrounded by nude people.

"I have never been more shocked in my life! I don't know if this is a cult, if my mother's alive, if these people are wearing sunscreen," Todd exclaims as the video cuts to him sitting on the couch with his wife, Julie.

Julie chimed in that the least of her husband's worries should have been sunscreen if there were naked people wandering around.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!" Todd added.

When the clip transitioned back, Chase noted that "gravity really hit this place" as the duo realized they were surrounded by a lot of elderly nudists.

Nanny Faye was happy to see her son and grandson, before questioning what they were doing there.

"No, honey, what're you doin' here?" Todd quickly fired back.

Nanny Faye admitted that she had just "opened up a new chapter" in her life.

Her friend Susan tried to encourage Todd and Chase to grab some food from the buffet and get more comfortable.

After finally convincing her it was time to go, Susan tried to give Todd a hug goodbye. Todd claimed he was suffering from the flu to prevent her from hugging him while lacking clothing.

The hilarious video clips have been viewed just shy of 30,000 times with nearly 2,000 followers reacting in the comments.

"I CAN'T BREATHE," one follower penned in a comment they chased with several laughing while crying emoticons.

"Literally almost choked on my food from laughing," a second follower chimed in.

Finally, a few fans of the series encouraged Todd and Chase to leave Nanny Faye's new hippie friend alone.