Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Reminds Fans ‘To Hang’ Their Christmas Trees This Year In Comedy Banter

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Farrah Abraham turned up on Instagram on Saturday to hype the latest edition of her docu-comedy show, Domestic Goddess, on YouTube. The former Teen Mom OG star mostly rambled about different subjects while talking about the upcoming holidays, both on social media and during the full 23-minute program, which is number 8 in the series and which often includes her daughter, Sophia.

As Farrah spoke about what to expect from her latest Domestic Goddess episode, the 28-year-old personality tripped over her words. She made the gaffe while trying to deliver a complete sentence but instead delivered a statement that included a jumbled concept about “the gifts you should be giving under your Christmas if you’re hanging your tree this year.”

Her fans and followers were quick to catch the slip, with at least one imitating Farrah in the comments section of her upload. She was mocked even more by some pundits who didn’t hold back on other matters.

“Rambling for 10 minutes in front of a black wall isn’t comedy,” said an Instagram user.

“Omg whats wrong with her,” said another follower, who added a sick-face emoji and a crying-laughing emoji.

“Wtf were you trying to say?” asked a third commenter.

Others remarked about how they felt after Farrah delivered her news.

“You move a lot when you talk,” said one person, who added a crying-laughing emoji.

“Luv that u spoke in a normal voice tone and not a baby..ive noticed Sophia is doing the same and that’s fantastic,” stated a second Farrah fan.

“Love the makeup girl!! You look beautiful as always,” said yet another follower, who added a red heart emoji.

The former Teen Mom OG star did not seem to be rattled by the comments, or at least she didn’t address what had been said to her on her social media platform. In fact, even when she seemed to catch herself making a mistake, the reality star continued to smile as she finished her delivery with a “five-up” comment.

While she spoke, Farrah wore a red crushed velvet, off-the-shoulder dress that revealed her décolletage. Her hair was pulled up into a bun, putting her entire face on view. She was fully made up, with darkened and exaggerated brows, smoky shadow, black mascara, black liner, and a bright red pout. She wore diamond studs and she looked shiny, especially on her nose and on her cheeks in an aspect of her appearance that the reality star pointed out in her latest social media video.

That being said, even if Farrah wasn’t totally understood while she talked up her latest comedy project, she attracted plenty of attention. Among her 2.1 million Instagram followers, more than 8,100 people liked her upload while nearly 50 of them dropped a comment within an hour of her post being shared.