WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Threatened With ‘Physical Violence’ While Visiting His Family


Superstars are often heckled and verbally abused during WWE events, but there are fans who simply don’t know how to separate the ring from life. Samoa Joe is currently out of action due to a thumb injury and he’s using this time to visit with family, but his trip home has been filled with verbal abuse and threats of violence. Most of the time, the characters played on television aren’t the same as the real people behind them, but sometimes it’s difficult for others to realize that.

There are many times that fans get a little too involved in the world of professional wrestling and think it is real. It seems as if even the family members of superstars forget that wrestlers are playing a role that is often different from who they really are as a person.

Samoa Joe is a member of the Monday Night Raw roster and a fan-favorite, whether he is a babyface or a heel. Right now, though, he’s been absent from television and events due to an injury suffered in the middle of September.

While he’s been off rehabbing his thumb, Joe decided to visit his family. The WWE superstar hopped on Twitter to fill in his fans on how things have been going, but fans are confused as to what his latest tweet means.

In this case, the little smiley face emoji makes it seem as if Joe is jokingly speaking of his own family and not someone else. One can only imagine what led to his family members insulting him and threatening him with physical violence, though.

Most fans took issue with Joe writing that he had been “informed several times of what ‘I ain’t.'” It is kind of hard for anyone to say that Joe isn’t something. Though he may not currently hold a title in WWE, he has held plenty of them throughout his lengthy in-ring career.

The Raw superstar has been a part of numerous promotions around the world, racking up many title accomplishments, including:

  • Ring of Honor World Champion
  • TNA TV Champion
  • TNA World Heavyweight Champion
  • TNA World Tag Team Champion – Two times
  • NXT Champion
  • WWE United States Champion – Two times
Samoa Joe cuts promo in front of WWE Universe
Featured image credit: WWE

Although an exact timetable of Samoa Joe’s return to the WWE hasn’t been announced, fans are hoping that he will be back sooner rather than later. For now, he’s using his time off to rest up and potentially get inspired by his family’s heckling to come back to the ring stronger than ever.