Todd Chrisley Informs Nic Kerdiles: 'You're Marryin' Me And Savannah'

During a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best, fans watched as Nic Kerdiles, Savannah Chrisley, and her father Todd Chrisley make preparations for their wedding.

Todd wheels himself down the aisle while rocking a wedding veil on top of his head as he announces, "this is our day."

"Our day?" Nic questions in a short video clip featured on Todd's Instagram.

While speaking, Nic took his thumb and pointed back at Savannah as he tried to correct Todd that it was actually his day with Savannah.

Rocking a white tank top with the word "Blondie" written across it in red cursive lettering, Savannah's facial expressions and body language suggested she knew better than to think her father wouldn't be involved in the wedding planning.

"You're marryin' me and Savannah," Todd informs him as his wheelchair comes to a stop.

While making it clear that he would be very much involved in his daughter's wedding, Todd had a shocked look on his face, as he seemed surprised Nic would even think things could happen any other way.

In the caption of the video clip Todd shared on his Instagram, he noted he "can't believe" Nic thought they would plan and prepare the wedding without his input. He added that he questioned if Nic knew anything about how Savannah's family operated at all.

The hilarious clip was viewed just shy of 90,000 times, and nearly 400 of Todd's followers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"His eyes was not joking," one of his followers penned as they called attention to the facial expressions Todd made when he declared he would be involved, too.

"Lord Mr. Chrisley you better let them know who is running that wedding," another added.

The overwhelming majority of those leaving comments on the video, however, were more interested in the other portion of the clip.

The end of the clip included a brief segment featuring Nanny Faye, Chase, and Todd. Nanny Faye declared that she wanted to get gambling legalized. Todd responded with a few reasons why her dream wasn't a good idea.

Nanny Faye, however, was quick to fire back that Todd was "addicted to Botox."

Todd's Instagram followers were thoroughly amused by a combination of the shade Nanny Faye tossed at Todd as well as the extreme reaction Chase had after hearing it.

One follower noted, "I just LOVE Chase reaction's to Nanny Faye."

"Oh my gosh, I have NO DOUBT that I have watched this post about a HUNDRED TIMES ALREADY."

Another individual admitted that Chase's reaction made them laugh so hard, they shed a few tears.