November 19, 2014
When Kids Play With Paint, This Happens: Your Move, Parents

When kids play with paint, things can get awfully messy, but even I was taken aback by how badly these brothers spun the situation out of control.

Their dad -- the voice behind the camera in the video below -- ended up putting them in the shower as he tried to figure out what to do with them.

Both of these little guys are hilarious. They have the uh-oh, busted, yes-we-did-wrong-but-no-you-shouldn't-punish-us looks down perfectly.

From what I could tell, the little man in the foreground is the older brother. The kiddo against the wall takes all direction from him, except for the moment when his leader blames him for something.

Naturally, Dad has trouble keeping it together, but rather than spoil this rather hilarious four minutes of parenting goodness, I'll let you see it for yourselves.

I have to say, I'm not sure I could laugh about this if I were in the moment and it was my kids who decided to play with paint by using each other as canvasses.

After all, when a child does wrong you don't want to encourage them to do it again. Nevertheless, it's a pretty cute situation, especially if you've ever had a sibling who doubled as your partner-in-crime.

As for the video, it proved to be extremely popular online, making the front page of Reddit Tuesday night and logging around 200,000 views on YouTube as of this post.

By far the star of the video is little brother, though most YouTubers -- save for the Berta Lovejoy trolls at Reddit -- were approving of the entire thing. (One even left a tip to the original poster for providing some laughs.)

"I love the way the little brother changes to whatever big bro is doing hahaha"

"It's adorable he looks to his older brother for the answers every time a question is asked of them."

"The little brother has no idea how to nod, hilarious."

"Me and my brothers got into the same trouble when we were kids!"

"Sometimes, kids will do some of the most frustrating things...but in the process, you can't but laugh sometimes. I love being a parent."

What do you think, readers? If your kids play with paint and get into a situation like this, do you handle it the way the Dad on the video does, or was he too easy on them?

Also, parents, what are some of your most frustrating and hilarious parenting stories? We'd love to hear them. Share your stories and comments with us below.