Alabama-LSU Game Will Host 'Trump Baby' Blimp, President Trump Expected To Be In Attendance

Donald Trump will be "greeted" by the infamous "Baby Trump" blimp that has flown over anti-Trump protests when he attends Saturday's Alabama-LSU college football matchup, The Washington Post reports.

Today's game between the two college football powerhouses promises to be one of the key contests of this season, as the #1 LSU Tigers take on #2 Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams are undefeated, and the outcome of the game could have serious postseason implications for both teams. The Sporting News is even calling it "The Game Of The Century." So important is the game that President Trump is expected to be in attendance.

While the game is important, equal focus is being given to what the spectators will do. Trump has visited a couple of high-profile sporting events recently, and at each of them, he's been roundly booed. What will happen when he visits Tuscaloosa remains to be seen, of course, but it will certainly be another headline-making round of boos if it happens again.

Whether or not he gets booed, Trump will be greeted in Tuscaloosa by another, highly-visible form of anti-Trump protest -- the so-called "Baby Trump" blimp. The balloon, which cartoonishly represents Trump as a baby, complete with a diaper and safety pins, first appeared over London during anti-Trump protests in the European capital. Now, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that's raised $4,000, a copy of the blimp will be flying in Alabama on Saturday.

A Birmingham man named Nic Gulas helped raise money to bring the blimp to the game.

As The University of Alabama's student newspaper The Crimson White reports, Gulas and his partner, Trace Fayard, raided the money for the blimp in around 12 hours.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans attending the game may or may not have been warned not to boo Trump. Initial reports claimed that the university's Student Government Association (SGA) had warned students against "disruptive behavior" at the game, on pain of losing their preferred seats -- an admonition that was taken by some in the media as a warning not to boo Trump. However, the SGA later clarified that they were warning against more serious disruptions, such as fighting.

Some vendors have taken to selling anti-Trump pins, which will presumably be worn by attendees at the big game. Other attendees are reportedly planning to wear shirts with letters spelling out the word "IMPEACH" in the front row.

Trump was loudly booed at an October World Series game, and again at a UFC fight a few days later.