Olivia Culpo Shares A Nude Photo And Reveals That Criticism For Showing Too Much Skin Makes Her Insecure

Olivia Culpo shared a nude photo with her Instagram followers on Saturday, but the model isn't as comfortable with posting revealing pictures online as her fans might think. While she has no issue with nudity, people who do sometimes make her feel insecure about sharing sexy snapshots on social media.

Olivia's latest Instagram post includes two images. The first is the 27-year-old model's cover photo for the November issue of Maxim Mexico. She's topless in the picture, but she's holding a piece of fine mesh fabric over her chest. The black-and-white photo was snapped from the side, and Olivia is posing with her eyes closed and her head tilted back. She's only pictured from the chest up.

In the second image, Olivia Culpo is pictured sitting on a messy dressing table that's covered with bottles of various beauty products. Olivia is seated on top of a fluffy white towel, and she's completely nude. She's posing with her left knee bent and her leg positioned so that it's covering up her bikini area. Her left arm is resting on her knee, censoring enough of her chest to avoid violating Instagram's nudity policy.

Olivia had a mirror behind her and another in front of her, which presented her photographer with the difficult task of ensuring that she also didn't reveal too much in her three reflections. To help accomplish this photographic feat, her right arm was positioned in front of her chest, with her hand in front of her crotch. Her left foot and the towel also helped censor her lower half.

In the caption of her post, the former Miss Universe confessed that she gets insecure when people make comments about her "showing too much skin." This made her a bit nervous about sharing the nude picture from her Maxim Mexico photo shoot on Instagram, but she ultimately decided to upload it because she sees "nothing admirable" about allowing other people's opinions to influence how she feels. She went on to write that she has no issue with nudity, and she believes that the body is beautiful "in its most natural state."

"To me it's art, and I think the practice of capturing it in photography is a way to celebrate it," Olivia wrote.

The model apologized to any fans who found her nude photo offensive. However, while she wrote that "everyone is entitled to their own opinions," she also said that she's "proud" of her own opinion that there's nothing wrong with nudity. She also shared how "grateful" she is that she has a job that sometimes allows her to express the way she feels about the artistic nature of the nude human form.

Olivia Culpo's Instagram followers applauded her for sharing her opinions so eloquently, and they also let her know that they loved her photos.

"You broke the internet with this," wrote model Ashley Alexiss.

"You're an icon and drop dead gorgeous! Post away!" wrote another admirer.

"You look amazing in both. Go girl. Love the caption," read a third comment.

In addition to showing some skin for her Maxim Mexico feature, Olivia Culpo has been busy posing for the 2020 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she risked suffering a wardrobe malfunction in a behind-the-scenes video from one of her photo shoots.