November 9, 2019
Brazilian Bombshell Adriana Lima Shares Fitness Advice As She Promotes New Activewear Line For Puma

Adriana Lima, a model renowned for her work with Victoria's Secret, recently shared some fitness advice in an interview and it's very free-spirted. Instead of recommending a particular workout program, she advised trying a wide range of physical activities to find the one that works best.

"Try everything to find something you like, and from there, you slowly build up to your goal. Sometimes you cannot give your best, and it's okay. It's human," she said in an interview with Hollywood Life. "But you are there, you [sic] already moving. And that's what is important. Keep moving because soon enough you achieve your goal."

She also discussed the importance of balance and stress management when trying to stay on top of fitness goals.

"If you want to lose weight and get in shape, I understand it's stressful, but you cannot stress about it and think about it too much because the stress actually slows your body down," she added.

Adriana was speaking to Hollywood Life to promote her activewear collaboration with Puma called Club Lima. The 21-piece collection consists of sneaker designs, hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, a backpack, and sports bras.

The 38-year-old model told the celebrity news outlet that her longtime love for boxing inspired the design of the clothing.

That inspiration is easy to see in the promotional photos for the line. In one photo uploaded to her Instagram page on November 1, Adriana is in a boxing gym striking a pose in a hoodie that exposes her taut abs and the straps of her underwear. She paired the hoodie with gray sweatpants and sneakers. Each of these items retail for under $100 except for the shoes.

The photo appears to have been a hit with several of her Instagram followers since over 300,000 of them liked the photo. The close to 2,000 comments are filled with glowing praise for both the clothing and Adriana's beauty.

Puma also posted one of Club Lima's promotional photos on their page. In it, Adriana is wearing a fiery red sports bra from the line with a matching hat and gray sweatpants.In a press release, Adriana shared that the design process that created Club Lima was very collaborative and said that the entire experience had been a "dream come true" for her.

"I've been working tirelessly with Puma's design teams to make sure everything was perfect, every stitch, every detail, every material," she said.

Club Lima is currently available for sale on Puma's website.