Bethenny Frankel Is Finally Revealing Details About Her New Reality Show After Leaving 'Housewives'

When Bethenny Frankel left The Real Housewives of New York, she said that she wasn't done with reality TV. But since making the announcement, details of her future projects have been slim. Now, the Skinny Girl mogul is revealing that she is working on two new projects -- one that she will star in and one that she is producing.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Frankel gave up all the goods on her newest projects, which she says were both her ideas. One sounds like a spin-off similar to when Frankel left RHONY the first time to star in Bethenny Ever After.

"We're in like, legal paper stage for two shows that I'm partnering with Mark Burnett on -- one that I would be in, that would focus on me and a lot of the business aspects of myself and the next stage of my life," she said.

"And the other one, I'm not in. I'm just producing it," she said.

The 49-year-old reality star says that she has finally found a place where she feels creatively and personally fulfilled after meeting her production partner Mark Burnett and her boyfriend Paul Bernon.

"They're my execution, so it's amazing to be able to take the next step in television. And, Mark Burnett is another level -- I've met my match! I've met my match romantically, and I've met my match, creatively, business-wise and [in] television with Mark Burnett."

Frankel recently appeared on Shark Tank as a "Guest Shark" and she talked about her experience on the show to ET as well. She said that some of the people involved in the network and production company worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest of the cast. Because she was involved in reality tv as a Housewife, she says, they assumed she wasn't to be taken seriously.

But, she said, she informed the producers that she'd been on the cover of Forbes and felt confident she could hold her own.

In August, Frankel announced that she was leaving RHONY and was branching out on her own, shocking her fellow cast members with her decision, as The Inquistr previously reported. At the time, she said she was leaving the show to concentrate on making art that would be supportive of women and told people to chase their dreams like she was chasing hers.

Since then, details about why she left the cast haven't been revealed, though rumors suggest that she split from Bravo over financial conflicts.