WWE News: Former Champion Threatened To Walk Out Due To Match With Goldberg

There is no doubt that a number of professional wrestling fans have loved the sport for decades and WWE knows that. For that reason, superstars such as Bill Goldberg and other legends return for short runs or one-off matches. During the summer, Goldberg returned for a huge match against The Undertaker and it led to one more match at SummerSlam. That second match actually caused a former World Champion to threaten WWE with walking out.

After Goldberg lost to The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, the match was criticized by almost everyone. Goldberg was injured not long into the match and the ending turned into a complete debacle which the former World Champion didn't care for.

He wanted to avenge how things happened and not let that be his final match in a wrestling ring. With that, a feud was started on social media and WWE television which had Dolph Ziggler verbally going after Goldberg to start up a program.

Eventually, it led to a match being set up between the two superstars for SummerSlam even though it seemed as if Ziggler would face The Miz. The match lasted less than two minutes, with Goldberg winning in a certifiable squash which was just hard for any fan to watch.

Ziggler didn't like the result and actually threatened to walk out of WWE due to how he was being booked.

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler is set for

He recently spoke with TalkSPORT about a number of things, including his match against Goldberg at SummerSlam. He said didn't like how things were set up and he certainly didn't care for how WWE told him the match was going to come about.

While speaking of his career, Ziggler talked about how "cool" the moment would be to face off against Goldberg. He was hoping to be able to give the Hall of Famer a "fantastic match" after his bad one with The Undertaker, but that wasn't how WWE wanted it to go.

"They go, 'It's gonna be bell - spear,' and I go, 'Come on!' So, I fought all day long. Threatened to leave. Threatened to leave! Do anything I can do...'Give me two damn minutes!' And I got a minute. Whatever. What are you gonna do?"
Ziggler's career with WWE has been up and down throughout its entire course, but it has really been in limbo the last few years. He was hoping to redeem his own name and help Goldberg get the match he wanted at SummerSlam, but that simply wasn't his call to make.