November 8, 2019
WWE Spoilers: Superstar Drops Huge Pregnancy Bombshell At 'Monday Night Raw' Taping

At Friday's WWE Monday Night Raw advance taping in Manchester, England, Lana dropped a huge bombshell by announcing that she's seven weeks pregnant with Rusev's child.

As documented by, the "Ravishing Russian" took to the mic and shared the big news, but she doesn't appear to want "The Bulgarian Brute" back anytime soon. During the same promo segment, she also revealed how much she's enjoying her carnal relations with Bobby Lashley.

Rusev -- who Lana accused of being a "sex addict" on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw -- walked out afterward and admitted to his condition, only to be attacked by Lana's new lover. The attending crowd was not amused, however, as the revelations inspired a chorus of boos throughout the arena.

The love triangle storyline between Lana, Lashley, and Rusev has been divisive. For the past several weeks on Monday Night Raw, Lashley and Lana have shared a series of kisses while taking part in skits packed with innuendo. According to Lana, she left Rusev for Lashley because he cheated on her, though she also claims that she's found true love with the former MMA fighter.

Regardless of the WWE Universe's negative feelings toward the storyline, the superstars are taking it very seriously. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lana and Lashley have repeatedly appeared in public together to sell the storyline as genuine, which has resulted in the latter receiving "death threats."

Lashley opened up about the steamy storyline recently, revealing that Lana has been encouraging him to "go for it." According to Lashley, the pair believes it's important for the storyline to be talked about if it's going to work. For better or worse, the angle is making the headlines.

The storyline is also unpopular among some members of the WWE staff. On the latest edition of WWE's After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves compared it to bad soap opera and stated that he wants it to come to an end soon.

Graves also added that he believes Rusev and Lashley are talented performers who both deserve storylines that don't portray them as laughing stocks. Rusev subsequently addressed Graves's comments on Twitter by revealing that the storyline was about to "change." It's possible that Rusev was referring to this latest development.

It will be interesting to be seen where WWE goes from here, now that the fans have again made their disapproval known. This isn't the first time that the company has put Rusev and Lana in an unpopular love triangle angle, and it remains to be seen if the superstars will recover from this one.