Fox News Host Mocks 'Boring' Impeachment Investigation: 'No One Can Find Ukraine On A Map'

On Friday, Fox News host Jesse Watters described the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump as "boring," arguing that Americans don't actually care about it it, Mediaite reports.

"This is about a transcript of the phone call a country no one cares about," Watters began, before slamming Trump administration officials who testified in the inquiry.

"These aren't household names," he disparaged the officials.

According to the host, "no one can find Ukraine on a map," and Trump's dealings with the country are simply not "sexy" enough, which is why most Americans do not care about the inquiry.

"If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine, they don't know a thing about it," Watters said, arguing that Americans only care about certain countries.

China, Russia, Mexico, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, according to the host, are the countries the American people are familiar with and interested in.

"Ukraine doesn't rise to the level of a country that people care about," he said, suggesting that what Trump is being accused of -- withholding military aid to pressure Ukraine to do as he says in order to benefit himself -- is "absolutely not registering in the American people's brain."

The host also drew a parallel between the Ukraine scandal and Trump's allegedly inappropriate relationship with Russia, arguing that former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference and related matters was far more exciting than the House Democrats' impeachment probe.

According to Watters, the Russia scandal was actually "sexy," unlike the Ukraine scandal, and most of the public is not paying attention to what is being uncovered about the president.

"This has no intrigue whatsoever," the host concluded, adding that the Democratic Party has "failed to deliver any sort of a convincing narrative," thus leaving most Americans disinterested.

As Mediaite notes, Watters used similar arguments to defend Trump in 2017, when former FBI Director James Comey's memos were occupying the headlines. The host described the Comey scandal as "boring" because it has "no sex," claiming that most Americans do not even know who Comey is.

Contradicting Watters' claims, polls suggest that most Americans are not only paying attention to the inquiry, but actually support it.

In fact, as Vox reported, polling indicates that the impeachment inquiry has broad support in key battleground states Trump needs to win in 2020 in order to stay president.

For instance, a majority of voters in Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania -- six states Trump won in 2016 -- support the investigation, according to polling.

Trump has long dismissed unfavorable polls, recently calling them "fake" and "lousy."