'The Challenge' Star Theo Campbell Was Pulled From Season 35 Roster A Week Before Departure

Theo Campbell is the latest casualty of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 after he was booted Thursday after losing in an elimination round against Jordan Wiseley. It turns out Theo was all set to return to the franchise for his junior season, but doctors eventually told him he couldn't compete after suffering an eye injury this past August.

Theo caught up with People to explain the whole scenario, lettings fans know they shouldn't count him out from future Challenges just yet.

"I was ready! I was ready to go on this season, now," Theo told the news outlet despite almost losing his right eye earlier this year.

The reality star still has stitches in his eye after undergoing several surgeries in the past few months. Theo's eye was hit by a champagne cork while he was partying in Ibiza, Spain.

"You know, I got the call-up, I signed all the contracts and everything, and it was last minute," he remembered. "The doctor said it wasn't a good idea. They told me not even a week before that I'm not able to go on."

Theo went on to explain he felt ready enough to participate in his third season and promised he'd be back to film the hit MTV reality series in the future.

Details on how Theo almost lost his eye were a little murky when the story broke in August, with followers of The Challenge star only knowing that a champagne cork was to blame. Theo filled in the blanks when talking with People, and explained he wasn't the one popping the bottle, but a girl with very poor common sense was the one who caused the accident.

"Must've been her first time," Campbell said of the mystery girl. "She popped it in my direction rather than up in the air. So, silly mistake from her, one in a million shot, really. She got me directly in the eye."

To this day, Theo still has no idea who the girl was who hit him in the eye with the cork. He never saw her but is sure she feels bad about the whole situation. The 28-year-old almost lost his eye completely, but luckily his doctor was able to save it. He still has some vision in the eye itself but said everything is quite blurry.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.