Man Commits Suicide During Gun Safety Class

A man committed suicide during a gun safety class in Bellevue, Washington on Sunday. The tragedy reportedly occurred in front of the entire class which included several children.

Fifty-year-old Brian J Parry was attending a gun safety class at West Coast Armory when he suddenly held a gun to his head and shot himself. The course he was attending was an entry level gun information and safety class provided by the shooting range.

The “Right on Target” event, as described by, is a three hour training course. For $75 participants learn how to safely handle, fire, and secure several varieties of handguns. The class is specifically for beginners and stresses gun safety.

The ammunition and guns, including the one Parry used to commit suicide, are provided by the shooting range. The instructors have stated that they take precautions to avoid dangerous situations and require participants to sign liability forms.

Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared them for a suicide in front of the entire gun safety class. Participants who witnessed the tragedy did not notice anything unusual about Parry other than the fact that he was quiet.

As reported by the Bellevue Patch, witnesses noted that Parry seemed withdrawn and did not speak to anyone or ask questions during the classroom session. When the class moved to the shooting range for the hands-on portion of the training, they were all given guns and ammunition.

According to reports, Parry moved to the front of the group, held the gun to his head, and shot himself in front of everyone. Witnesses, including several children, were stunned and traumatized as their gun safety class turned into a scene from a horror movie.

As reported by Seattle Pi, Carla Infrate of the Bellevue Police Department confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into the shooting but would not comment about the details. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled that Parry died from a gunshot to the head as a result of suicide.

Those attending Sunday’s event are still recovering from the shock of witnessing man commit suicide during the gun safety class. Several parents are now left with the incredible task of comforting their children, who are likely traumatized from the gory scene.