Julie Chen Goes Silent On Twitter After More Suspicious 'Big Brother' Activity

The longtime host of Big Brother, Julie Chen, was teasing fans over the last two weeks when she shared a handful of odd GIFs and photos to her Twitter feed which featured former houseguests. For the first batch of posts, Julie dressed up as some of the most iconic players to ever participate in the game, and the second batch included GIFs of famous moments from the show. Many suspected this was Julie's way of teasing an upcoming All-Stars season but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

The last six Twitter posts from Julie were the GIFs which included Nicole Franzel eating popcorn, Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin in the diary room laughing, Tommy Bracco looking excited, Corey Brooks giving the "ok" sign, Da'Vonne Rogers flicking her hair against Tiffany Russo, and Jocasta Odom listening in on an outdoor conversation. Julie had already dressed up as Nicole and Boogie in her Halloween-inspired tweets, but the other houseguests were all new to her feed. All the GIF posts came on November 3, and Julie's gone silent on Twitter ever since.

There have been no more hints that allude to an All-Stars season but that doesn't mean more mystery material isn't coming from the former The Talk host. These mysterious posts from Julie do not suggest a new season of Celebrity Big Brother is coming, as all the houseguests she either imitated or posted were from normal seasons of the hit reality series. Celebrity Big Brother traditionally takes place in the winter months, kicking off in either January or February.

Season 7 of Big Brother was the first and only All-Star season, with a total of 14 houseguests, and fans have been looking for another for quite some time. Julie only shared 11 cryptic posts, but they featured a total of 14 players. The host also has not liked any posts on Twitter in quite some time, and fans are still dying to know what all these bizarre tweets meant.

A lot of the response to Julie's tweets were fans of the show either applauding or slamming some of the houseguests she had posted about. Many pointed out the players they hoped wouldn't return to the game, including Paul Abrahamian and Tommy Bracco. Others felt houseguests like Nicole Franzel and Mike "Boogie" Malin -- who had won once already and appeared on multiple seasons -- didn't deserve a trip back into the Big Brother house.

Big Brother will return next summer. In what capacity remains to be seen.