Will Smith Shares Video Of His First Colonoscopy: ‘It Took Me 3 Hours To Put My Underwear On’

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Will Smith got his first colonoscopy, and he vlogged the procedure for his fans. The 51-year-old actor shared the very personal experience via a 17-minute YouTube video and on Instagram, where he shared multiple clips.

In one Instagram post, Smith joked that he was baring his butt to up his follower count on the social media platform. The Men in Black star, who has more than 39 million Instagram followers, wrote, “They said you can’t get to 50 million followers on IG without showing your butt.”

“So here I am, gettin’ a colonoscopy for the clout.”

The star was also shown under the after-effects of the “strong” anesthesia as he recovered in a hospital bed. A groggy Smith told a nurse who offered him some ice water that he’d prefer some Belvedere or Ciroc vodka. After thanking his doctor for performing the procedure on him, Smith gave the medical professional some Hollywood-style props.

“He’s like the Martin Scorcese of my a**,” Smith remarked of his doctor.

But while he laughed his way through some of his hospital stay, Smith received some serious results. The dad-of-three later found out that pre-cancerous polyp was found and removed, and that it would have grown had it not been found so early. Smith was then informed that he will need to have another colonoscopy in two or three years instead of the usual 10-year wait after a normal colonoscopy.

Smith’s Instagram post about his procedure sparked a huge reaction from his fans and famous friends. More than 2.6 million followers like his post and thousands commented on it.

Actress and friend Halle Berry replied to Smith’s post by saying that only he “can keep me laughing while ya a** in a hospital bed.”

“Sending so much love to you,” Berry added.

“Way to educate people on the importance of health screenings!!! Along with your humor and humbled spirit! Love what you’re doing with your platform!!” another fan wrote.

Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, have shared many personal stories about their family on the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, but the actor’s colonoscopy vlog takes things to a new level.

Of course, Will Smith is not the first celebrity to get a colonoscopy while on camera, although he may be the first to do so for social media “clout.” In 2000, Katie Couric famously had her colonoscopy filmed. And last year, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel marked his 50th birthday by asking Couric to accompany him to his procedure, per The Hollywood Reporter.