November 8, 2019
'The Bachelor' Spoilers From Reality Steve Suggest It's A Toss-Up For Peter Weber's Final Rose At This Point

Blogger Reality Steve is dishing out some new spoilers for The Bachelor, as Peter Weber's season edges toward the end of filming. Just three ladies remain at this point, and it seems that there isn't a solid frontrunner for that final rose as is usually the case by now.

Reality Steve shared the latest teasers via his newest podcast that is posted on his site. The Bachelor spoilers from the gossip king indicate that Peter and his final three ladies are currently filming the overnight fantasy suite dates in Australia. It seems that Weber and the ladies are currently in the Gold Coast region, with the last dates and final rose ceremony slated to occur in Alice Springs.

Peter's final three ladies who get overnights are said to include Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Sluss. Kelsey Weier reportedly got a hometown date and was eliminated after that.

Usually at this stage of filming, Reality Steve is able to pinpoint a frontrunner. Sometimes things shift during hometowns, but oftentimes, the spoiler king is able to toss out a potential winner midway through filming. In his podcast, he said he doesn't know who seems to have the edge among these final three.

Recently, The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve shared a juicy scoop on Victoria's past. He thought she would probably be let go after hometowns based on how crazy things got, but Peter ended up keeping her.

Despite that, Reality Steve doesn't think that Victoria will get Peter's final rose. He did note that if Victoria gets to the final two, opposite Madison, the situation will probably remind viewers of Jake Pavelka's season where he kept Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn until the last rose ceremony. In that case, Jake picked Vienna and things imploded in epic fashion a few months later.

It doesn't sound as if Reality Steve is counting Hannah out in terms of making it to that last rose ceremony. Rather, it seems as if he sees her as more of a middle-ground type of pick. Madison is apparently quite religious and has done missionary work, and she is essentially a 180-degree opposite of Victoria.

The Bachelor spoilers from the blogger also indicate that Peter's parents are well aware of Victoria's reputation. He thinks that if Fuller makes it through overnights and meets the Weber family, they will essentially stage an intervention to try to nudge Peter to choose the other gal remaining. Of course, that may not work, but it would certainly make for a lot of on-screen drama.

The overnights and next rose ceremony should wrap up over the next few days and then Weber's final two ladies will be determined. Reality Steve's spoilers detail that The Bachelor final rose ceremony will probably be filmed around November 16, give or take a day, and he'll likely be able to share the scoop with fans regarding Peter Weber's final rose pick soon after that.