November 8, 2019
Russell Crowe Looked 'Unrecognizable' At Sydney Airport, Fans Speculate He's Wearing A Fat Suit

Russell Crowe is causing a stir after an airport appearance where he looked noticeably larger than usual, it led fans to speculate that the 55-year-old actor may have been wearing a fat suit.

As the New York Post's Page Six noted, the actor was photographed this week at the Sydney airport looking "unrecognizable" as he sported a much larger-than-usual waistband. Crowe was seen with his hand in the back of his track pants and his stomach hanging out from underneath a collared shirt.

The change was so dramatic that Page Six even published a gallery of Crowe's changing looks over the years, showing as he went from a youthful and slight actor to older and heavier, sporting a beard speckled with gray hair.

The change in Crowe's appearance even led to some speculation that he was either wearing a fat suit or had gained weight for a role, the Page Six report noted. It's not clear what role that might be, but the report noted that he is in various stages of production for two different projects, The Georgetown Project and Unhinged.

Whatever the case, it appeared that Crowe had made a drastic change from then he was seen on the set of Unhinged, where he had already slimmed down from playing the portly Roger Ailes in The Loudest Voice. Crowe said there weren't many dramatic changes to his body for that role, telling Entertainment Weekly that the transformation into the late Fox News chief was mostly the result of good makeup work.

At the time, Crowe noted that he will often change his weight for a role, but tries not to make any drastic changes. Crowe said that he had recently put on weight for the movie, Boy Erased, and was getting back to his normal weight when he started working on The Loudest Voice.

"Well, I'd actually just done a thing for Joe Edgerton and I was on my way back down to [a normal weight]," Crowe said. "If I'm adjusting weight, I try not to do it suddenly. I've learned my lessons from the past. You go up gradually and you come down gradually. So, I was part way through that. I was, I don't know, thirty pounds or something into that, and this came up and so I went back the other way."

Page Six reached out to Crowe's representatives for a comment, but the report noted that they did not immediately return the call.