'Teen Mom' Fans Roast Jade Cline For Adult Toy Giveaway

Jade Cline, who was moved from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to replace Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2, recently took to Instagram to promote her new partnership with Vush Stimulation, a female adult sex toy company. The post drew backlash from many Teen Mom fans and sparked comparisons to controversial Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, who was previously fired in part because she continued to perform online sex shows during her time on the show, Pop Culture reports.

"Tried to give her a chance. But damn. From night one she has not had one positive thing to say. Always bitching and complaining about something. I feel for her daughter," one user wrote on social media.

"I actually thought u were one of the good moms…" another wrote.

"Wtf! Another Farrah in the making!" another chimed in.

Of course, not everyone was negative — some were supportive of Cline's new partnership.

"She is a good mom trying to make it on her own. She works goes to school and takes care of her child," one user wrote.

Another user highlighted that it's possible for adult women to use adult sex products while still being good mothers, adding that people need to "get real." Yet another suggested that anyone criticizing a grown woman for using a sex toy doesn't have a good sex life of their own.

Despite the controversy, Celeb News Network reports that Cline doesn't appear to have taken the comments to heart.

"Y'all really have to come up with better insults," the 22-year-old hit back on social media.

During a previous interview with Pop Culture, Cline spoke about how she deals with online harassers that shame mothers for their choices.

"Don't second guess yourself," she said to others experiencing such shaming, encouraging them to put their kids first and to remember that only they know what's best for their children.

"Opinions are just like a**holes. Everyone has them and most of them stink," she later said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cline recently opened up about the drama on Teen Mom 2, revealing that she feels the primary focus of the show should be the lives of the cast. The comment came after cast members of both Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant filmed separate reunion specials in New York City, which reportedly led to a fight between Cline and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones. Cline later denied that anything got physical and also said she doesn't plan on being on a reunion stage with Jones again in the future.