AEW News: Cody Rhodes Discusses Likelihood Of New Championship

AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes had a conference call with the media today to promote tomorrow's Full Gear pay-per-view. During the conference, he was asked about the possibility of the company adding another title for non-main event performers to compete for, but he took umbrage with the term "mid-card."

Per Sportskeeda, Rhodes recalled his time as a mid-card champion in WWE, revealing that he never saw himself as inferior to the World Champion at the time.

"[As] a talent, you never consider anything you're doing mid-card. I didn't consider my run with the Intercontinental Championship mid-card. I wanted it to be the best thing. I wanted it to rise above."
However, while Rhodes had some issues with the wording of the question, he did discuss the possibility of the company introducing another championship down the line. Furthermore, fans might not have long to wait until it's brought into the fold.
"With all my little rant aside. I think it's very possible in the next month or so... there will be a prize of some sorts for the guys rising through the ranks, because that is important to wrestling.... but I would never consider it a mid-card title."
This isn't the first time that Rhodes has been asked about the possibility of a second AEW singles title. In an interview with IGN back in September, he confirmed that another prize was in the works, and hinted that it's going to be a Television Championship.

Television Championships have been commonplace in wrestling for decades. As the name suggests, they're fought for on televised shows. These titles also tend to be defended more frequently, as World Championships are mostly contested at pay-per-views.

AEW has a large roster, a substantial portion of which has yet to be revealed. A Television Championship will give the superstars who aren't in the main title scene a prize to compete for, while also ensuring that there's a regular high stakes match on episodes of Dynamite.

Now that the company has finally assigned champions to all of its current titles, the new championship can become a major focus of AEW programming. It will also give the company an opportunity to introduce recent signings, such as Wardlow, as well as give breakout stars like Darby Allin more television time.

If Rhodes' words are anything to go by, the new title will be just as prestigious as the World Championship. The only difference is that fans might see it defended more often.