Thylane Blondeau Stuns In Tight Black Jeans While At Disneyland Paris

Thylane Blondeau, the French model who was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world at just ten-years-old, recently shared some pictures of a trip to Disneyland Paris. The 18-year-old posted four pictures in total, and fans seemed to love the sweet snaps.

Due to the crisp November chill, Thylane bundled up for her visit. She wore a dark blue puffer jacket with black accents at the shoulders and a trendy oversized silver zipper. She completed the look with a pair of tight black jeans that showcased her long and lean legs. In addition, a hint of ankle-high boots with shearling lining can be seen in the second picture.

Thylane kept the rest of her look simple. Her accessories consisted of dangling earrings and simple studs and a ring on her middle finger. She wore little -- if any -- makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through. She also kept her light brown locks looking natural with a classic blowout.

Despite the cold weather, Thylane still decided to treat herself with a vanilla ice cream pop with a chocolate and almond shell. However, the dessert was not the only thing she carried. She also chose a cute pink teddy bear as her Disneyland companion and proudly displayed him in all four of the shots. The stuffed animal appeared to be Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, known as Lotso, from the Disney-Pixar film Toy Story 3.

The pictures were all taken in the same location: in front of a large, two-toned turquoise door that read "Studio 1." In the first picture, Thylane wrapped her teddy in her jacket as she chicly looked to the side while tossing her hair. The second picture was an artistic black-and-white long shot in which Thylane once again protected the stuffed animal in her puffer jacket.

The third picture had Thylane tossing her hair once again, this time looking in the opposite direction, and the last was a close-up of the French bombshell with her head against Lotso as she still brandished her ice cream.

Within 24 hours, the picture already received more than 101,000 likes and around 175 comments. Though a majority were in French, due to the model's nationality, a large number were in English.

"So cute," one fan gushed, with two pink hearts.

"You are so beautiful," raved another, also employing a pink heart emoji.

"Lucky teddy," joked a lovestruck fan.

"Gorgeous," concluded a fourth.

Thylane might have decided to visit Disneyland Paris to give herself a break after a series of modeling gigs, including a photoshoot for Numéro Russia. As covered by The Inquisitr, fans particularly loved a shot for which she crawled on a dining room table.