Matt Lauer New ‘Jeopardy’ Host? Rumor Says It’s Possible

Matt Lauer could be the next Jeopardy host once Alex Trebek takes his leave of the popular game show. Lauer’s apparent new job is not set in stone however.

The report comes as Lauer finds himself losing popularity over the ouster of Ann Curry from The Today Show. Despite NBC executives putting the blame on themselves, Lauer’s popularity has dwindled in the months since his co-host was unceremoniously fired.

The Jeopardy gig would be a lucrative one, though it may not pay as much as Matt Lauer’s current salary of $25 million per year.

Alex Trebek revealed his desire to retire from Jeopardy last summer, but Sony convinced him to sign a final three-year contract. This means the much-loved game show host will give his producers enough time to find a suitable replacement.

And some people believe that replacement as host of Jeopardy will be Matt Lauer. The contract end dates do appear to coincide. Lauer’s Today contract will end in 2015 and Trebek’s will end in 2016.

While several sources are saying that Lauer’s name is at the top of the list, is is also reported that Anderson Cooper’s may be close behind. Cooper’s contract with CNN reportedly ends next year, making him available for Jeopardy, provided he doesn’t sign another.

The game show’s current host will be 76 when he retires in three years. He has been the host of Jeopardy for almost 30 years, making his retirement a sad parting for many of the show’s fans. One source has claimed that Cooper, who hosted reality show The Mole on ABC before his contract with CNN, apparently “likes the idea” of being on Jeopardy.

The game show typically takes one day to film a week’s worth of shows. Because of this, either Cooper or Lauer would be able to host the show while keeping with their other duties — as long as their contracts permit it. Some shows, like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? can even film an entire season in just seven or eight weeks.

Would you want Matt Lauer to be Jeopardy’s new host?

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