Ashley Alexiss Flaunts Sandy Booty While Hanging Out With Penguins

Ashley Alexiss shared a new bikini pic today on Instagram, and it was anything but typical. She was spotted standing next to three penguins, with more visible in the background. The model didn’t elaborate on the scene, but made a pun in the caption. She wore a black bikini top and white bottoms, which hugged her derriere. Ashley was spotted standing with her back angled toward the camera, as she showed off her sandy booty. She also held her hands in front of her as she bent her elbow, and her face was completely obscured. The model opted to wear her hair down, with a pair of sunglasses perched on the top of her head. She was seen going barefoot in the shot.

Behind Ashley, you could see multiple rock formations, along with a small body of water. She stood on a small sandy beach area. Beside the penguins to her right, there were at least three that appeared to be sunbathing on the tan rocks.

Until the model shares more about the shoot, fans can only guess the context of the photos. Potentially, she was at a zoo of some sort, and she may have been working on a photoshoot. Either way, it looked like it was a sunny day, as the sky appeared to be cloudless.

Fans left plenty of compliments for the plus-size model in the comments section, with many people commenting on the birds.

“Those are the luckiest penguins in the world,” expressed a follower.

“Wait there’s penguins in this picture? But in all seriousness this is adorable,” gushed a fan.

“Too busy looking at you to notice penguins….” declared an admirer.

“At least you dressed for the occasion,” joked a fourth Instagram user.

The shot also made it appear as though Alexis was talking to the three penguins next to her and telling them what to do. This was thanks to her pose, while the birds seemingly looked at the model. This likely inspired her caption.

Another recent update where the model was spotted in swimwear was in late October. Ashley wore a one-piece, which read “CEO,000,000” in the front. It was white with a low scoop neck, which left her cleavage on display. The model tilted her head back while raising her arms, as the photo accentuated her hourglass figure. She wore her hair down in defined curls, which fell down the front of her shoulders.