Halle Berry Lifts Her Shirt To Show Off 'Ripped Abs' In Sweaty New Instagram Post

Halle Berry has been hiding rock-hard abs under her clothes, and on Friday, she showcased her fit figure on Instagram.

In the photo, Halle is seen lifting up her long-sleeved black shirt to give fans a peek at her toned tummy. The Catwoman star is soaked in sweat as she reveals her six-pack with a huge smile on her face.

Halle wore a pair of black-and-white leggings and had her hair covered with a dark blue bandanna tied around her head. The actress opted for a no-makeup look after what appeared to be an intense workout, but she did sport a shimmering glow, likely from her sweat session. In the background of the photo, red and black mats can be seen, as well as some gym equipment.

Halle revealed in the caption of the snapshot that she feels better than ever and claimed that she was so happy to have set a goal to have "ripped abs" for her new movie, Bruised — a mixed martial arts drama that she is also directing. Halle says that she has finally achieved her goal and couldn't help but show off a bit. The gorgeous bombshell also encouraged her fans to set their own goals and strive to conquer them.

Meanwhile, Halle's nearly 6 million followers couldn't get enough of the post and rushed to like the post over 112,000 times while leaving more than 2,200 comments just 45 minutes after the photo was uploaded to the platform.

"Oh wow! You are always so inspiring @halleberry. I want me a six pack too! Time to smash some goals!" one of the actress's Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post.

"Congrats on achieving your goal! You look amazing!" another loyal fan stated.

"How fun is it to defy our age???? Keep it up your amazing," a third social media user said.

"Wow!!!! Now that's work to the maximum. I have always wanted that myself! Working towards my goal. You just made my day. Truly an inspiration. I will get there too," a fourth comment read.

Halle has become a bit of a health and fitness guru to fans over the years and has revealed that working out is actually something that she has come to love.

"The truth is, when you get fit, exercise is actually something you look forward to. It's a stress reliever, makes you feel relaxed, optimistic and those endorphins are just heavenly," Halle Berry said in the caption of an Instagram post back in February 2018.