‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Has Been Canceled At ABC

Andrew TothGetty Images

ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, starring Constance Wu and Randall Park, has been canceled at the network, according to a report from TVLine.

The popular comedy series is currently in its sixth and final season, with a two-part series finale expected to air on Friday, February 21. After the show’s cancellation, Karey Burke, President of ABC Entertainment, released a statement highlighting the network’s gratitude for the “game-changing show and the impact it has had on our cultural landscape.”

“The success of Fresh Off the Boat has helped pave the way for inclusion throughout the industry. Nahnatchka Khan and her brilliant creative team have created an unforgettable series with an Asian-American family front and center, something that hadn’t been done in two decades,” Burke continued, adding that the show’s cast is one of the funniest on television.

“We’ll miss the Huang family and are eternally grateful for the incredibly heartfelt stories they have told these past six seasons.”

The series, which is loosely inspired by the autobiography of chef Eddie Huang, follows Wu’s Jessica and Park’s Louis — a married couple who relocated to Florida to create a better life for their family. The couple has three sons — Eddie, played by Hudson Yang, Emery, played by Forrest Wheeler, and Evan, played by Ian Chen. The family of five shares a house with Louis’ mother, Jenny, played Lucille Soong. They regularly entertain their neighbors, Honey and Marvin, played by Chelsey Crip and Ray Wise, respectively.

While this is the first time the show has been canceled on any network, it isn’t the first time its future has been uncertain. Earlier this year, Fresh Off the Boat found itself in hot water after Wu tweeted a confusing string of tweets in reaction to the show’s Season 6 renewal, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

At the time, the actress expressed what appeared to be anger and frustration that the show had been picked up for a sixth season.

“So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F*ck,” she wrote, before deleting the negative tweets.

Wu later issued an apology for the unsavory reaction and offered concerned fans an explanation. The actress said she wasn’t upset that the show had been renewed, but she was disappointed because the renewal meant she would now be unable to participate in another project. She said her role on Fresh Off the Boat had become easy over the years and that she was hoping to challenge herself as an actor with the new role, which she was forced to pass on due to contractual obligations.

The network is reportedly working a Fresh Off the Boat spinoff series, which will be focused on an Indian family whose daughter attends school with Eddie. The new characters are expected to be introduced to viewers during an upcoming episode.

Fresh Off the Boat airs Fridays on ABC.