Paulina Gretzky Shakes Her Hips In A Silver Mini Skirt

Paulina Gretzky has not shared an Instagram post since around Halloween, but she has been posting Instagram stories. Her newest series of updates showed her enjoying a night on the town, all while dressed in silver-and-denim.

The first available update showed Paulina enjoying herself at a bar as she busted a dance move. She wore a denim top or jacket that featured long sleeves and paired the garment with a silver mini skirt. The model wore her hair down and brushed behind her shoulders.

The clip began as Paulina faced her back to the camera. She looked over her left shoulder, smiling widely, as she bent her knees and shook her hips.

The room in which Paulina was seen featured a bank of windows as a backdrop. A neon yellow light lit up the space, drenching her in that lighting toward the end of the video.

This clip, which was a repost from her friend’s Instagram account, came from Kristina Melnichenko. The pair spent Halloween together, according to one of Kristina’s Instagram posts.

“Thats mah best friend,” the friend captioned the clip.

But the outing was not just about Paulina and Kristina, as the former shared another story revealing that her fiancé, Dustin Johnson, was present. He was spotted as she looked into the bar from the outdoor patio, and he waved when he noticed Paulina had been taking a video of him. She added a pink heart filter as she zoomed into DJ’s face.

“I spy with my little eye My love @djohnsonpga,” she noted in the captions.

A final story showed DJ and Kristina talking together while standing by the bar. A wall of glasses and spirits, along with a TV, could be seen in the background. The bar was lit with a purple light, leaving the pair in darkness. However, it looked like Kristina was wearing a strapless dress, while her pink purse was on the ground beside her.

“Get it tina,” said Paulina in the captions.

In a prior Instagram story, the model shared a sweet moment between herself and DJ as the two enjoyed themselves at a waterfront restaurant called 1000 North in Jupiter, Florida. Paulina rocked a strapless, black bodysuit as she looked over her shoulder at the camera, smiling widely when Dustin leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. She looped the short clip and quoted “10,000 hours,” a song by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber.