Georgia Jagger Pops Booty In Leather Pants On A Room Service Table In Vegas

Georgia Jagger shared a new series of photos with her Instagram fans today, and it was all about her trip to Las Vegas. The first photo of the set was likely the most eye-catching, considering that the model was spotted posing on top of a table. She appeared to be in a hotel room, and the table looked like a room service table. Georgia rocked a pair of leather crop pants, along with a crop top with a fire design on it.

Mick Jagger's daughter was seen posing while popping her derriere and bending her knees, as she held a drink glass in her right hand and extended her other arm. She looked to her left and was seemingly having a lot of fun. The top that she wore featured lace-up accents on the sides and front, with a large red flame in the center. This was accented by yellow highlights.

Georgia wore her hair down in luxurious curls and appeared barefoot in this photo. The table that she stood on had a white cloth on top, with what looked like two bottles of water and a small slice of cake. She also seemed to be bending her knees to avoid hitting the ceiling light. Behind her to the left, you can see a large mirror on the door with her reflection.

The third photo of the set showed a little more of where Georgia was when the picture was taken. This image showed her standing this time, revealing that the table was actually quite small with wheels. She stood with her left arm bracing the table, as she flipped her hair.

Fans shared their thoughts on the photos in the comments section.

"Surfing usa," noted a follower, likely referring to the photo of her on the table.

"Looks like funnnn," gushed an admirer.

Others referred to her parents.

"Channeling your parents nicely!" exclaimed a fan.

"You look just like your mum here," expressed a fourth Instagram user.

While these photos showed off Georgia's playful side, she previously smoldered in a see-through mesh shirt. The photo was taken for Elle Singapore, and the model posed on the ground. Her entire outfit was black, save for her red-hot knee-high boots and matching lipstick. She hugged her leg with her arm, while placing her left hand on her cheek. She also wore her hair down in loose curls, which fell down the front of her right shoulder.