WWE News: A Lot Of Confusion Surrounds Status Of Current 'Raw' Superstar

Some superstars end up getting pushed by WWE while others appear to have made a career out of sticking to the mid-card. Cedric Alexander is one superstar who had a promising career on 205 Live before moving to Monday Night Raw and receiving a push that rivaled some main event superstars. Now, he's virtually disappeared from the scene entirely and his status with the company is actually being called into question.

Cedric Alexander had been pushed into the stratosphere upon his arrival on Raw and it was reported that Paul Heyman was very high on him. So, when Heyman became the Executive Director of the red brand, Alexander knew that was good news as he was in main event matches and even in a feud with AJ Styles.

A lot of fans thought the WWE United States Championship was in sight for him, but then, he began falling down the ladder. The Inquisitr even reported rumors that Vince McMahon was purposely trying to bury Cedric Alexander for no real reason other than to do it.

It certainly appeared as if that was the case as Alexander was seen much less on WWE television. His feud with Styles came to an end after he was cleanly beaten and almost squashed in a number of matches, but now, he's fallen into complete limbo.

Cedric Alexander fights with other superstars on

According to Fightful Select, by way of Ringside News, there is a lot of confusion as to what is going on with Alexander. He has reportedly been dealing with an injury, but he appeared on this past week's episode of Monday Night Raw and suffered a clean loss to Buddy Murphy.

Obviously, his injury isn't overly serious or he wouldn't have been allowed back in the ring by WWE doctors. If he is even suffering from a minor injury, it would still be odd for WWE to have him in a match that had nothing to do with advancing storylines or anything else.

Fightful is saying that things are being made more confusing since Alexander is not listed on WWE's injury report at all. Even if he is dealing with something minor, the powers that be would still typically list a superstar as being injured.

Cedric Alexander appeared to be on his way up the ladder in WWE and he was shooting toward the top on Monday Night Raw a few months ago. Now, he's lost regularly in television matches and that is only when he actually gets to make appearances. The hope is that any injury he's dealing with isn't too serious.