Andrew Glennon Slams 'Childish' Amber Portwood After 'Teen Mom OG' Star Claims He's Keeping Her From Their Son

Andrew Glennon is striking back against accusations from ex Amber Portwood that he is keeping her from their son, saying that the Teen Mom OG star's newly filed court claim is without merit and that she is acting "childish."

This week, Amber filed documents in Marion Circuit Court claiming that Andrew was breaking the terms of their mediated custody agreement and was refusing to bring their son, James, to agreed-upon exchanges. But as Andrew told InTouch Weekly, that is not the case.

Andrew told the celebrity news outlet that he has identified for Amber two candidates who can help facilitate the custody exchanges, adding that he would be willing to use a paid service to transport James to Amber for her supervised visits. He added that Amber still has every opportunity to see her son.

"There is no denying of any visitations," Andrew said. "My attorney has been in touch with her attorney, and papers have been filed that will help to get this process moving."

Amber was originally placed under a no-contact order with the couple's son after her arrest for domestic violence. But she was later awarded supervised visits with James after the two agreed to a temporary custody arrangement in which they would not have direct contact. Amber's court claim stated that Andrew has been breaking the terms of their agreement for the last two weeks and was not responding to messages from Amber sent through a parenting communication app. She claimed her messages have not been opened.

Andrew acknowledged to InTouch Weekly that he has not been able to set up an account on the app, hinting that he may have been purposely locked out of it. Andrew claimed that when he clicked a link to obtain his username and password, he received no confirmation email and claimed it looked "… almost as if someone created an account for me to which I cannot access or even know the password to."

Andrew also shot back against Amber's claim that he had posted a negative YouTube video of her, violating a court-mediated agreement that the parents will not say anything negative about each other in their son's presence. Andrew told InTouch Weekly that he doesn't have time to dwell on the negatives with their relationship.

He went on to slam Amber as "childish" for filing the court order so quickly.

"To jump straight to being in contempt of court is childish, no one contacted me, her attorney speaks to my attorney, so I'm at a loss as to why this whole 'mutual' agreement has fallen on my shoulders," he told In Touch. "I feel I've been left in the dark."