Ana Cheri Shows Off Her Wild Side In Cheetah-Print Dress With Plunging Neckline & Thigh-High Slit

Ana Cheri flaunted her world-famous curves in a sexy cheetah-print dress on Friday in her latest Instagram update.

In the photo, Ana appeared to be in her home leaning against the arm of a sofa. Her long-sleeved dress featured a wide, plunging neckline that showed plenty of her cleavage as well as a revealing thigh-high slit.

The dress was no doubt seductive, but Ana’s pose made it even more so. As she leaned on the sofa, she raised one bent knee, which caused the slit to part, revealing her toned thigh. The position also showed off the rest of her leg and part of her bare foot. The curve of the stunner’s booty could not be ignored as the tight dress clung to her figure. The beauty rested one hand on her hip and arched her back slightly — a stance that put her ample chest on display. She played with a strand of her hair with her other hand, adding even more sex appeal to the pose. She tilted her head slightly and gave the camera a sultry look.

Ana’s hair and makeup was also perfect for the photo. Her brows were sculpted and she wore a smoky eye shadow with thick lush lashes. Her cheeks were contoured and she wore a pink gloss on her full lips. The model parted her hair on the side and wore it down in loose waves. She donned a dark color on her nails and sported a few dainty gold chains around her neck to add a bit of bling to her chic look.

In the caption, Ana mentioned that the dress came from online fashion brand Fashion Nova.

Ana’s fans loved the look, and many took to the comments section to tell her.

“Wow okay @anacheri I find you much hotter now! Damn,” one follower wrote.

“Hi anacheri love all your posts and that pretty smile,” commented a second admirer.

“Gorgeous legs all day,” a third fan said.

“You look great in that dress,” wrote a fourth follower.

There isn’t much that Ana doesn’t look good in. The beauty does not seem to mind showing off a little skin, either. She recently wowed her fans wearing a set of revealing underwear in steamy shower photo that showed off her cleavage. Over the Halloween holiday, she flaunted her curves in several costumes, one of which was a sexy schoolgirl look. One thing seems sure — whenever she posts an update, her fans can bet she is going to look fabulous.