November 8, 2019
'Friends' Star Courteney Cox Shares Happy & Healthy Photo With TV Husband Matthew Perry After Lunch Date

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunited for a day date, and it's making Friends fans very happy. The longtime sitcom co-stars posed together for a selfie during a lunch date a few days after less flattering photos of Perry made headlines, and it effectively squashed rumors that he's not doing well.

Cox shared an Instagram photo of her and her TV husband Perry smiling together as they posed outside in front of some trees for the reunion pic. Both stars look happy and healthy in the close-up photo. The 55-year-old actress captioned the post by asking her followers to guess who she had lunch with, then added their characters Monica and Chandler Bing's signature catchphrases from Friends.

More than 2.5 million fans liked the photo, with thousands posting comments on it. Fellow Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow called Cox and Perry "lucky."

Another co-star, Jennifer Aniston, left an all-caps response.

Other stars who commented on the new pic of the TV couple included actress Allison Janney and Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, who described the pic as "high-quality content."

Friends fans had fun referencing old episodes of the classic Emmy-winning NBC sitcom in the comments section. While some fans noted that Mr. and Mrs. Bing still look hot 25 years after the show made its debut, others asked how their twins are doing. As a refresher, in the 2004 Friends finale, Chandler and Monica are surprised with twins after the expectant mother they planned to adopt from had a surprise delivery.

"Chandler finally learned how to smile in front of the camera," another fan wrote of Perry in reference to the Friends episode about Chandler's trouble smiling naturally when posing for the couple's engagement photo.

"The macaroni and cheese is great... you should be a chef..... OKAYYY," added another, in a shoutout to the famous Friends Thanksgiving episode that showed Chandler and Monica meeting for the first time.

Cox's new photo with Perry is a relief to fans. The happy reunion pic comes after Perry's disheveled appearance alarmed fans when he was caught on camera by paparazzi in Los Angeles earlier this week in a photo that went viral. Some fans were worried that Perry had relapsed after his well-publicized struggles with sobriety.

In addition to their lunch date, Cox and Perry recently reunited with the entire Friends cast for a reunion selfie that also marked Aniston's Instagram debut last month.