Jenelle Evans Reportedly 'Doing Really Well' Since David Eason Split, According To An Insider

An insider recently gave E! News an update on Jenelle Evans and her kids since they left David Eason a week ago. Overall, it sounded like everything was going well.

"[Jenelle is] doing really well now that she is away from David and North Carolina. The kids are not just fine; they are thriving. It is an atrocity what they have all been through," they claimed.

While the "atrocity" could refer to a variety of incidents, there are some clues in the restraining order that Jenelle got after leaving David. In the complaint, she alleged that David was verbally abusive and described an incident where he apparently locked Kaiser in a running car. There were also more than 10 other incidents detailed, according to Page Six.

The insider also shed light on how the kids are doing on in the midst of the split.

"Everyone is breathing much easier about the kids' safety now," they said, potentially referring to family members like Nathan Griffith. "Kaiser should be in school in North Carolina in his kindergarten class, but she may have decided to now hold him back a year. Ensley is too young to be enrolled in school."

Plus, fans may have heard that Jenelle is in Nashville, Tennessee. The insider explained this choice, saying that she has extended family in the area.

"While this family isn't necessarily the closest to her, it's the reason why she chose to be there. She knew she'd have their support regardless of her situation," noted the source.

So far, the Teen Mom 2 star has yet to provide an update for her fans since the move. Her most recent Instagram post was the update announcing her decision to leave her husband. She promised that her fans would hear from her again, but she didn't specify when.

On the other hand, David has been active on social media, making derogatory remarks about Jenelle and posting various Instagram posts and stories.

In addition, it's worth noting that Jenelle reportedly changed her number since leaving David. Coupled with the restraining order, it doesn't look like David will be contacting his wife anytime soon. Only time will tell how the divorce proceedings will go. Considering that the pair share a child, it could potentially involve a custody battle.

Some fans also wonder if they will see Jenelle make a return to Teen Mom 2. After all, she may not have been kicked off the show had it not been for David killing their family dog.