Katy Perry Inspires Coldplay Singer Chris Martin

Katy Perry serves as the inspiration for millions of folks around the world on a daily basis. However, most people probably didn't expect Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's name to pop up on that list. Let the fanboy gasping begin.

The aforementioned rock band recently scored another hit with their single "Sky Full of Stars." Instead of drawing inspiration from the cosmos, Martin admitted that he was filling his brain with Katy Perry's music around the time he began penning the tune.

According to Us Magazine, the singer confessed that Perry's unique brand of pop music guided his hand during the creation of "Sky Full of Stars." The revelation reportedly arrived during a quick interview with Dr. Dre's Beat x Beat.

"I'll tell you the truth, I was listening to a lot of Katy Perry. A lot of her songs have the same chord sequence the whole time... and then I realised a lot of other people have done that, Nirvana being a classic example, with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.'"
Although some may scoff at the idea of Martin getting inspired by Katy Perry's music, it definitely worked out in the guy's favor. The Express points out that "Sky Full of Stars" was a massive hit for the band earlier this year. In fact, the single quickly shot to the top of the charts in several countries around the world. Perry apparently has that kind of power.

When Katy Perry isn't inspiring rock stars to pen incredibly popular tunes, she's bringing her own patented brand of pop music to the masses. According to the Huffington Post, Perry is currently spreading a metric ton of concentrated joy throughout Australia via her Prismatic World Tour. To show everyone that she's having a fantastic time, Katy shared a photo from the land Down Under on Instagram. And, yes, it's a bikini shot.

To satisfy your insatiable cravings for Katy Perry in skimpy outfits, the image in question is lingering below. As most people have pointed out, the bikini in question isn't nearly as revealing as those rocked by her musical contemporaries.

Are you surprised that Katy Perry served as inspiration for Coldplay's hit single "Sky Full of Stars"? Does this revelation change the way you feel about the tune?

[Lead image via Pichost]