Nico Tortorella Shares Plans For 'Queer' Thanksgiving And Polyamory Advice

Actor Nico Tortorella will be enjoying a queer Thanksgiving dinner with their mother this year, despite being disinvited from family gatherings in the past.

According to a report from Us Weekly, the Younger star and their wife, Bethany Meyers, both identify as non-binary individuals and the couple lives a lifestyle that many people — including their own family members — have found to be unconventional or just plain wrong.

Tortorella and Meyers are in a polyamorous marriage, which means they both have the option to openly date other people, and this has negatively affected the relationship between Tortorella and their family in the past. However, the actor now says that their family has come a long way since first learning the truth about their partner and lifestyle.

"That was years ago. We're way past that now," they said. "I'm actually doing Thanksgiving with my mom this year in Florida. She's hosting a queer Thanksgiving. A whole new group of friends, queer folk in Florida."

Tortorella went on to say that they have definitely noticed a dramatic change in their mother and her willingness to accept their lifestyle and sexuality. The Illinois native said their mother's change of heart has inspired hope that more people will also change and become more accepting toward others.

"It's been really incredible to watch her own transition," Tortorella continued, adding that their mother has done a total 180.

"Yeah, it's incredible. We all can change."
When asked about the key to creating a healthy and happy polyamorous relationship, Tortorella said love and trust are two of the most important things.

"You need a solid baseline before exploring anything non-monogamous, fall in love — deep, deep trusting honest love — with your first person first and then start to explore what it looks like to forward space for other people," the actor explained.

But it seems trust might not be enough to keep the outside judgment away. Tortorella went on to say that despite creating a strong partnership filled with trust and love, they and their partner still have to defend their relationship to people who are constantly criticizing their lifestyle from outside and inside the LGBTQ community.

Tortorella, who was recently honored at the Emery Awards, is popularly known for their role on the TV Land series, Younger, where they play a tattoo artist named Josh. The actor will also be seen on the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff playing the role of Felix, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.