Donald Trump In Private 'Stumbles, Slurs, Gets Confused,' Claims Anonymous Author Of New Book 'A Warning'

A new book by an anonymous author identified as a "senior Trump administration official" paints a disturbing picture of Donald Trump as a mentally feeble and unstable person, one whose cognitive faculties appear to be declining. According to excerpts published on Thursday by The Washington Post, the president also frequently makes offensive remarks about women and ethnic minorities while in the White House.

Trump administration officials at one point became so concerned by what they saw as Trump's erratic, dangerously unpredictable behavior, that they contemplated invoking the Constitution's 25th Amendment, which would allow them to declare Trump mentally unfit to perform the duties of his office, according to the book, A Warning.

Vice President Mike Pence would have become president if the 25th Amendment had been invoked. But Pence denied that any such move had been considered.

Trump's seeming mental incompetence left "normal people" who have observed him behind the scenes "uncomfortable," according to the author, who wrote the book under the pseudonym "Anonymous."

"He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated," Anonymous writes in the book.

The president also has "trouble synthesizing information" on a regular basis, according to the author.

Anonymous also claims to be the author of a New York Times op-ed published in September 2018. In that essay, the "senior official" alleged that despite Trump's many bizarre flaws, his administration included "adults in the room" dedicated to averting disasters caused by the president's psychological and emotional incapacities.

The White House is seen in late afternoon.
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But in the book, which is set to be published on November 19, Anonymous disavows the claim made in the New York Times op-ed. Administration officials and aides "were never going to steer Donald Trump the right direction in the long run, or refine his malignant management style," the author writes.

"He is who he is."
Trump is also prone to making crude and offensive comments about women, according to the author's allegations. The "senior official" describes sitting in awkward silence during meetings with the president, as he discussed women in an inappropriate fashion.

"He makes jokes about weight. He critiques clothing. He questions the toughness of women in and around his orbit," Anonymous writes in A Warning.

Trump addresses even "accomplished professional" women around him as "sweetie" and "honey," Anonymous writes.

Allegedly, he also openly ridicules Latin American immigrants, mocking them in a fake "Hispanic" accent, according to the book.

In even more alarming allegations, Anonymous claims that Trump once asked White House lawyers to draft legislation that would eliminate the presence of federal judges.

"Let's get rid of the [expletive] judges," Trump says in the book, as quoted in the Washington Post excerpts. "There shouldn't be any at all, really."

Trump also allegedly told aides that he did not want to confront Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, because "oil would go up to $150 a barrel."

"Do you know how stupid it would be to pick this fight?" the president reportedly asked, according to the author of A Warning.