Ainsley Rodriguez Trains Her Ripped Abs In Gray Sports Bra & Blue Leggings For New Instagram Video

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez is back with a new ab workout video on her Instagram page. In the shared video series, Ainsley shows her million-plus followers how they can train their abs at home with no equipment. She's also showing off her ripped six-pack in a gray sports bra and blue leggings.

Over the span of six 1-minute clips, Ainsley demonstrates side-oblique crunches, leg raises, bicycle toe touches, side V-ups, and in and outs. Ainsley also chose a calming mid-tempo track for her background music that fits the serene, minimalist setting of the video.

The petite powerhouse added some extra workout tips in the caption.

"No equipment required for this little burn! SAVE it and do it while you watch TV!" she wrote. "Make sure to really squeezeeee your core and always push your back into the floor to engage your core when doing laying ab movements!"

She went on to add that the circuit should be done for four rounds, and she assigned 20 reps to each exercise.

In the comments, fans expressed their appreciation for the workout tips.

"Thank you for the workout. Saved," one fan wrote. Ainsley acknowledged the comment and cheered them on in her reply.

"Nice workout as usual," another fan added. "You're awesome and really cool."

"Gotta give this a try. This tune is [fire emoji ] by the way. Hope your day has been great Ainsley!" a third person wrote.

But one fan accused Ainsley of sending the false impression that she developed her chiseled midsection thanks to physical exercise only and that she doesn't emphasize the importance of diet. But Ainsley's fans defended her and pointed to the numerous times that she had shared advice about healthy eating. She did so in a post she shared on October 28 when she offered tips on avoiding overeating while dining out.

Also, even though she made it clear that this video post was about working out without equipment, one fan also asked her where she bought her resistance bands. She informed the commenter that she sells them on her website.

In one of her previous workout videos, Ainsley used resistance bands to train her abs. In the clip, she's rocking a pink bikini as she goes through a circuit that includes torso twists, overhead resistance bends, and a couple of other exercises that engage the trunk and core.

The video series has racked up over 28,000 likes and 500-plus comments since it was posted on October 29.