Young Lola Consuelos 'Flirts' With Childhood Friend In Kelly Ripa's Adorable Throwback

Kelly Ripa shared an adorable Instagram photo with her fans that featured two of her kids with their childhood friends. The photo shows Ripa's kids, Lola and Joaquin Consuelos, posing with pal Ted McGinley's sons, Beau and Quinn, during a family outing, circa 2005. While Joaquin has his eye on a new toy, by the look on little Lola's face, it seems she has her eye on one of her male playmates. Or maybe two.

The photo shows the adorable foursome sitting together at what looks like a park or a zoo. Lola is dressed in a sweet blue-and-white dress as she sits between Beau and Quinn, the sons of Kelly's Hope & Faith co-star and his wife, Gigi Rice. Little Joaquin is keeping himself busy with a toy shark as he makes a hilarious face, but Lola's face says it all as she beams at the boy next to her.

The McGinley boys are a few years older than Lola, but she seems to be fitting in just fine with them. Her smile is wide as she laughs and looks at the boy by her side and not the camera.

In the caption to the photo, Kelly notes that Lola is "digging" Beau and Quinn, while Joaquin is more enamored with his rubber shark.

While several fans hit the comments section to remark how hilarious and sweet Joaquin's face is in the picture, others zeroed in on Lola and her new friends. Many commenters also couldn't believe how much McGinley's son looks like him.

"Sooooooo you have to get Lola's permission to post old pics?" one fan asked.

"Beau looks just like Ted McGinley! Wow," another wrote.

"Mini Ted McGinley!" a third fan chimed in.

When a fan asked Kelly if she gets emotional looking back at those precious smiles, the Live! With Kelly and Ryan star replied, "Crying. Literally."

The post is the latest of Ripa's recent photographic walk down memory lane. Earlier this week, Kelly shared a photo with her husband and kids and wrote that they were all "babies" back then. The talk show star also recently revealed that she often hides precious family photos in her bible.

Of course, she may have needed special approval to post the too-cute throwback featuring Lola. During an appearance on the Jerry O Show in August, Kelly told host Jerry O'Connell that Lola demands to have approval on any photos she posts of her on social media. It's unclear if the NYU freshman gave the "OK" on this most recent throwback shot, but how could she not?