Microsoft Warns ‘Test Next Xbox’ Pages Are Scam

Microsoft is warning that several new pages that are all offering to allow people to “test the next Xbox” are fake and are looking to scam people. The excitement surrounding the next Xbox, the Xbox 720 has been building ever since rumors started swirling around the console.

The Sony Playstation 4 has already had its official revel and while the next generation Xbox hasn’t been officially unveiled most insiders believe both gaming systems will be out on the market in time for the Holiday shopping season.

Microsoft has actually had to follow in the footsteps of Sony by issuing out warnings that these new testing sites are a fraud. It appears that as long as there is a massive amount of excitement over these new gaming systems, someone will be looking to illegally cash in.

One of the most recognizable personalities surrounding the Xbox, Larry Hyrb had to take to Twitter to try and warn people off. Better known as “Major Nelson” Hyrb tweeted that “All sign-up pages for testing the “next Xbox” are FAKE. Do not give them your information.”

Hyrb added, “it’s a scam.” The major problem for gamers is that these sites are actually looking for pertinent information and they tend to be collecting just enough that experienced hackers will be able to gain far more information just from the small amount people do give up.

At first glance, the websites all look nice and official and are pulled down and put back up again the minute authorities are alerted to the problem.


Because the Xbox 720 has not been officially revealed there is probably a little more excitement for people to get their hands on it and see what it can do. Rumors are swirling that the device will have to be constantly connected to the Internet. Other rumors say the console will not be backwards compatible.

Microsoft is working hard to make sure people understand that they are not, in fact offering up free tests for the Xbox 720.