November 7, 2019
Nicole Scherzinger Stretches Her Leg Against Lizzo's Shoulder, Showing Off Amazing Flexibility On Instagram

Nicole Scherzinger is flaunting her flexibility on Instagram in a new photo and video that features "Truth Hurts" rapper Lizzo. In the photo, the former Pussycat Dolls singer has one leg stretched against Lizzo's shoulder in an impressive show of flexibility. The snapshot is clearly a candid photo of Nicole, but while it looks like the singer wasn't quite ready for the snap, Lizzo was apparently sending a smoldering stare to the camera.

In the video, however, the rapper was holding her leg up as they both shimmied their hips for the camera. Nicole was dressed in a white Led Zeppelin t-shirt, dark-wash blue jeans, and thigh-high white boots. Her dark black hair had been swept off to one shoulder as she also wore dark eyeliner, mascara, and pink lipstick. Meanwhile, Lizzo has on a shiny purple top and cargo pants and is wearing stunning eye makeup as well.

"Feeling good as hell about to watch @lizzobeeating f*** it up to the tempo tonight in #London," Nicole wrote in the caption. "Swipe to see her serving lewks while I'm still trying to get it together."

The photo inspired some puns from one fan in the comments section.

"Not sure what is going on here, but seems like you got a leg up on things. I'm living for it, and I know I gotta stop with the puns," they quipped.

Others expressed a desire to swap places with Lizzo.

"If uhhh, lizzo is tired, I'll take over holding your leg," one follower said.

A third segment of the commenters was just happy that the two artists had met each other.

"We've been waiting for the queens to finally meet my heart is crying happy tears," another fan gushed.

"Yasss! Finally you guys together! This just made my day! Have fun," a third Instagram user wrote.

This is hardly the first time that Nicole has shown her Instagram followers how flexible she is. In a post from October 14, she stood out in a photo full of dancers with her left leg hoisted in the air and the other leg pointed. A raised arm completed the dancer-like pose.

Unlike the most recent post on her Instagram page, Nicole was dressed in activewear is this photo, as seen in her outfit, which featured a pink sports bra and black leggings. She paired the workout look with black and white Nike sneakers.

In the caption, Nicole revealed that she was at a rehearsal in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"First stop after touching down in Jakarta, rehearsals with my girls! We are so excited, we servin' shapes givin' lewks honaays!!!" she wrote.

The photo has racked up over 50,000 likes and 470-plus comments since it was posted.