Leah Remini Delights Fans With Halle Berry Throwback Photo

Leah Remini and Halle Berry's Hollywood careers have taken very different paths, but both of the beloved actresses got their start on the same TV series.

For Throwback Thursday, Leah took to Instagram to share an old promotional photo from the show, Living Dolls. In it, she's pictured alongside co-stars Alison Elliott, Halle Berry, and Deborah Tucker. However, Leah only mentions Halle in the caption of her post, noting that they both landed their first starring roles in the 1989 television series about a group of models living together.

In the image that she shared, Leah is pictured rocking a bright red blazer. She's wearing her waist-length brunette hair half pulled back with a slight bouffant in the front. For accessories, she's sporting a pair of large gold earrings.

Halle is wearing a purple turtleneck underneath a bubblegum pink sleeveless jumpsuit that perfectly matches the color of her chunky hoop earrings. She's rocking an iteration of the short pixie cut hairstyle that she has famously sported different versions of throughout her career. Leah is currently 49-years-old, so she would have been about 19-years-old when the photo was taken. Halle, 53, would have been around 23-years-old.

According to Mental Floss, Living Dolls was a spin-off of Who's the Boss, the popular '80s series starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, and Alyssa Milano. It failed to replicate the success of its parent series, and it only survived for one season of 12 episodes. Leah Remini was the link between the two shows; she played a friend of Alyssa's character, Samantha.

Leah Remini's Instagram followers loved her throwback photo, rewarding the retro snapshot with almost 25,000 likes over the course of two hours. Many of them also expressed their love for Living Dolls, even though they didn't get to see many episodes of the short-lived series.

"Leah! omg. Girl, waaaay back when-My 18 yr old booty proudly watched this in 1989. YES!!! This is by far my favorite blast from the past," wrote one fan.

"Yes!! I remember this show I would watch it always thought you were so pretty and still are!" another remarked.

Other fans remarked on how little Leah has aged over the past three decades.

"You don't even age, you just get more beautiful. Not fair lol," read one comment.

Leah Remini mostly stuck to television after her Living Dolls days, with one of her notable roles being her stint on the popular teen series, Saved by the Bell. However, she is now probably best known for her starring role on The King of Queens.

One of her most recent TV appearances was her return to Dancing with the Stars to serve as a guest judge. Halle, meanwhile, made the move to movies, eventually earning an Oscar for her role in Monster's Ball. She's currently working on a movie about a female MMA fighter.