'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease New Twists & Turns Ahead As Nelle & Valentin Shockers Drop

General Hospital viewers received a couple of major shockers during Thursday's episode, and now people are curious to see how these new puzzle pieces fit together. It was revealed that there's a connection between Valentin Cassadine and Martin Gray, and Nelle Benson secretly married someone while at Pentonville. Spoilers don't reveal much about where this heads next, but fans are definitely buzzing over these developments.

The first shocker came as Martin visited Nelle at Pentonville, and they discussed the fact that she had recently married someone. This is certainly news to viewers, and Martin and Nelle also discussed how she was widowed and her deceased husband didn't have a great reputation.

Nelle also told Martin that if he can help her get out of jail, she can get her hands on a major windfall of cash and pay him handsomely. All of this seems to suggest that Nelle managed to marry Shiloh Archer before he escaped and was killed, but there are definitely some gaps to fill with this storyline twist.

Assuming that Nelle somehow talked Shiloh into marrying her, it would seem that she plans to go after the ELQ shares that Oscar Nero left to Shiloh in his will. Why would Shiloh agree to marry her and when did they squeeze this in?

The show isn't revealing those tidbits yet. However, fans will remember that Nelle had some plan in mind related to Shiloh and teased that she could help him reunite with his son. Shiloh does seem the most logical person for Nelle to have suddenly married, but it's possible the General Hospital writers are headed in a different direction.

Not only did General Hospital writers throw out an unexpected twist with Nelle suddenly having a dead, supposedly wealthy husband, but now Valentin is somehow connected to Nelle too. After Martin met with Nelle, he called Valentin and mentioned a special project they had discussed.

Valentin has been talking about trying to find Nina Reeves' real biological daughter now that the Sasha Gilmore charade has been exposed. Thursday's episode seems to hint that perhaps Valentin is ready to drop Nelle into that role.

Of course, Nina will never believe another daughter popping up without some absolutely convincing evidence, as it does seem that she is onto Valentin and the lies he's told.

Fans have felt sure for some time now that Willow Tait is the one who will be Nina's real daughter. Before those hints started dropping, and actress Chloe Lanier left General Hospital and the role of Nelle, some viewers wondered if Nelle could be Nina's daughter.

Will that somehow turn out to be the case after all, and explain why Valentin seems to have recruited Martin to connect with Nelle?

At this point, General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps and other outlets don't provide any insight into where the writers are headed with this. The buzz is that Michael E. Knight's character of Martin might stick around for a while, so seeing another layer to his storyline certainly makes sense.

How the rest of this fits together, however, isn't clear yet and everybody will be anxious to see if these new bombshells are developed in a believable way.