50-Plus Louisiana School Children Allegedly Ate Cakes Tainted With Former Sheriff Deputy’s Semen

As many as 50 or more children may have eaten cakes adulterated with the semen of a former Louisiana sheriff’s deputy who is behind bars for rape and child pornography charges, Baton Rouge’s WAFB-TV reports.

Back in October, as New Orleans’ WGNO-TV reported at the time, police arrested Dennis Perkins and his wife, Cynthia Perkins. Dennis had been the head of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT team before his arrest, though he was fired shortly after the charges were made public. Cynthia had been a teacher at a junior high school and resigned after her arrest.

Authorities were brought to the attention of Perkins by a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding the production and distribution of child pornography, allegedly by the former sheriff’s deputy and his wife.

Dennis Perkins has been charged with obstruction of justice, 60 counts of production of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13, two counts of first-degree rape, three counts of possession of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13, two counts of video voyeurism, and two counts of obscenity. Cynthia Perkins has been charged with 60 counts of production of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13 and two counts of first-degree rape.

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Now, another new disturbing allegation has emerged in this case. Police say that some of the evidence collected from the home where the Perkins family lived included photographs that show Dennis allegedly adulterating small cakes, known as petit fours, with his own semen. Those tainted cakes are believed to have been served to as many as 50 children. The context in which the kids were given those cakes remains unclear as of this writing.

The parents of the kids who may have eaten those cakes have been contacted, police say.

WFAB reporters contacted a doctor, who said that the risk of someone getting sick from eating those cakes is relatively low, but that if parents are concerned, they should talk to their child’s pediatrician. Similarly, the Louisiana Department of Public Health says that it’s theoretically possible to contract an STD from semen if the fluid came from a man who had an active infection. Prison officials say that Perkins has tested negative for STDs so far.

As previously reported in May by The Inquisitr, two students at an Ohio middle school were accused of adulterating food with their semen and other bodily fluids and serving it to teachers. At least five teachers were believed at the time to have eaten the tainted food.