November 7, 2019
Sara Underwood Overshadows Her Tiny House In Cleavage-Baring Ensemble

Sara Underwood's most recent social media share featured the pretty model standing in front of her tiny house with its moss-covered, pitched roof. She upstaged the cozy, wooden domicile by wearing an unzipped jacket that barely covered her tiny nude-colored top, which showed off cleavage galore.

After recently returning from a trip to Hawaii for a friend's wedding, Sara embraced her Pacific Northwest home in the woods in many ways, including by choosing which pieces of her wardrobe she would prefer to wear. That meant switching out of her island bikinis worn all the time during her tropical stay and back into warmer clothing, this time in an outfit made by the online brand Revolve.

The entire ensemble the 2017 Playboy Playmate of the Year rocked in her November 7 Instagram snap allowed her many curves to shine. On Thursday, she wore a skintight pair of waist-high pants made of stretchy, blue-checked material that allowed her enviable thigh gap to be on view. Her jacket, made of a fabric evocative of a stuffed teddy bear, was also blue, and her extremely low-cut shirt featured ruffles and tiny spaghetti straps.

For the fresh Instagram photo, Sara turned her head to the left, staring off into the distance. She crammed her hands into the jacket's deep pockets and she wore her light-colored hair tied into tiny pigtails worn high on her head. Meanwhile, her long bangs were a bit messy, with some strands dipping down into her rosy cheeks. Her face was pretty much free of makeup, save for a bit of brow enhancement and a swipe of natural-colored lipstick.

As she stood in the woods, Sara was surrounded by all kinds of trees, many of which had dropped their leaves. The effective picture conjured up the smell of autumn.

Among her 9.2 million followers, nearly 33,000 fans liked Sara's newest Instagram upload within two hours of the social media post being shared. In addition, more than 160 admirers took the time to comment on her latest offering.

"Sara is the perfect combination of Copper and Tellurium because she's "CuTe," quipped one fan, who added the hashtag for the periodic table.

"Beautiful fall!! And you look absolutely amazing obvs," stated a second fan, who added a red maple leaf emoji and a red heart emoji to the comment.

"Wow wow wonderful cabin [okay emoji], lovely lady you look so beautiful and amazing with that outfit," said a third Instagram user, who added a heart-face emoji, six red rosebud emoji, a fire emoji, and a red heart emoji.

"Love that blue jacket," commented a fourth fan, who followed up their comment with a double-pink heart emoji.